Back to barracks!

First off I should apologize for the awkwardly sparse updating this blog is going through. I’ve never been too constant about anything, but the laziness I’ve shown off for the past months  maybe a bit too much. Even for me.

Secondly, I’m thinking about alternating posts in English and in Spanish, or maybe translating them from one language into the other. I don’t know yet… I’ll see to it in due time. It’s not as if people will crowd around this blog craving for new posts or wondering which my next step’s going to be, is it?

And thirdly… this post marks (hopefully) my return to form as far as writing goes. I intend to get a tighter schedule and more frequent updates. Most of them will be about works I’ve done in the past, and a few about works I’m doing at the moment, but once in a while I’d like to ramble on a bit about things that marvel, enrage, disappoint or surprise me at any rate, be them some films, exhibitions, pieces of literature, paintings, news… whatever capts my attention, really. I just hope these ramblings don’t get too boring or too shallow. Again, I’ll try to alternate posts in English and/or Spanish.

So, what I’m presenting is one of the first drawings I’ve done this month. I’ve got back to the nude, or to the “naked person“, if you like, out of a necessity for once more breathing deep into the human figure drawing. The approach, this time, follows scrupulously my drawings from last year: realist pencil drawing with emphasis on the stark contrast of the flesh against a mercilessly white background. I don’t know where this way of working will lead me to, but I feel a steady path towards some big canvas. Whether it’ll be in colour or b/w, I don’t know yet, but I know it’s going to be big.

As always, any comments will be welcomed.


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